Customer focused – Community minded – Family owned

About Us

With the support of his wife and children, Ken McIntosh began KJM Sales Ltd. out of his home garage in 1993 in Prince George, British Columbia.   It didn’t matter the day, time or location – Ken knew what it was going to take to make his new company successful – hard work and hustle.   With humble beginnings and a hands-on approach, KJM Sales Ltd. was built from the ground up.   Ken focussed on what the customer needed, the timeline they required, and offered the most competitive price.  It was this game plan that allowed KJM Sales Ltd. to quickly expand to its next location on Eastern Street. 

Knowing all along that sprocket manufacturing in Prince George was needed to service Industry – KJM Sales Ltd. bought their first lathe.  The sprocket business allowed KJM Sales Ltd. to carve out it’s niche and establish itself as a go-to within the industry.   By 2005, KJM Sales Ltd. had outgrown Eastern Street and moved to its current location on Rock Island Road.

Upon completing University, Ken’s children Kristen and James McIntosh moved back to learn the family business in 2005.   Ken’s old school approach to customer service, blended with modern technology allowed for Kristen and James to take the company to the next level.  KJM Sales Ltd. customer base and shop capabilities all expanded within years, allowing for Ken to step back and retire in 2012.   Since retirement, Ken and his wife Rhonda have been able to enjoy their travels and daily adventures with their grandchildren.  

Kristen and James have proudly carried on Ken’s “Customer-First Approach” which has continued to set KJM Sales Ltd. apart and solidify their place as a leader in manufacturing industrial components.  The team of skilled tradesman, engineers, sales and front office staff all contribute to the success that is KJM Sales Ltd.

Ken always had the philosophy that we should give back to the community that supports our employees and our business.  Investing in and fostering those relationships, and allowing for enhancement of our community and its members will only benefit us, and future generations of hard-working individuals.