Roller Chain and Engineered Class Chain Sprockets

We manufacture industrial sprockets to fit ANSI, British Standard and metric roller chain, welded steel mill chain, engineered class chain, drag chain and long link chain.  Custom MTO (made to order) sprockets of all sizes are routinely built for our customers with quick lead times and at competitive prices. 

Our customers specify their requirements and rely on our experience and expertise to provide them with the highest quality products available.

We also have the ability to engineer, design and manufacture sprockets of any pitch and tooth number that our customers require.

Drum Sprockets

KJM’s Drum Sprockets are available in multiple styles, including full face, A-plate and traction wheels, to meet a variety of application requirements.

The full-face style is the most common and offers the most surface area. We also offers a variety of hub styles, including finished bores, bushed-style and keyless locking.  Drum Sprockets are routinely built including shafts, bearings and roller chain sprockets installed to reduce downtime and allow for quick and easy installation.

All of KJM’s drum sprockets are manufactured to provide a long service life.

To learn more about KJM drum sprocket assemblies and select the right configurations for your needs, contact us today.

Types of Sprockets

Sprocket and Hub Styles

A Plate

No hub

B Hub

Hub protrudes one side only

C Hub

Hub protrudes both sides equal


Hub protrudes both sides but not equal amounts


One only double strand chain

Double Single

Two only single strand chains


H – Hardened
D – Duplex
DS – Double Single
LTB – Length thru bore of hub
BKSS – Standard square keyway
TKW – Tapered keyway
OAW – Overall width of flange

3 GF@120° – 3 grease fittings @ 120° to one another
BU – Describes material used to make an idler sprocket. Common bushing materials include BRONZE, ZA12 and NYLATRON.
BSF – Bolt side flush
SFB – Split for bolting
FN2 – Shrink fit hub


Important Considerations

1. Always inform us of the chain you are using! For example, a WR82 sprocket is not compatible with WR82XHD chain.
2. When questions arise, take a picture and send it to us.
3. When ordering a “B” Style sprocket that will use a taper lock bushing, please consider whether you need the bolt side of the hub to be flush with the plate (BSF).
4. When split for bolting sprockets (SFB) are desired, it must be noted before manufacture.

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